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Florida Urgent Care Centers can provide medical assistance anytime you become sick or injured, if you are out of town and need a refill or when your regular doctor is not available for you immediately and you can’t wait for an appointment.
Our Doctors are available to meet you face to face or through online consultation. We have the capability to do X-rays, repair lacerations, and take care of 95% of the most common sicknesses and injuries. 
If a medical or surgical issue is outside our scope of care, you are afforded an immediate referral. No appointment is necessary.



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Florida Urgent Care Centers
Telemedicine Program
provides virtual healthcare
visits that offer many
benefits to patients.

On-site Labs

Florida Urgent Care Centers is committed to excellence in care for our patients. We are also dedicated to keeping your family, and ours, safe. The health and safety of you and your family are very important which necessitates that our practice adapts to certain policies, effective immediately, intended to limit the risk of exposure for everyone.

Health care

that you and

your family


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